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Henna Brows

With the multitude of brow solutions available today, from microblading to microfeathering and brow tinting, it can be challenging to know which to choose. Star Threading and Beauty Salon offers a range of high-quality eyebrow enhancement techniques, including gorgeous henna brows to give your face definition and flair.

Star Threading and Beauty Salon is a fast-growing beauty salon providing a comprehensive list of cosmetic solutions for all your beauty needs. Among our semi-permanent makeup options, our customers consistently enjoy the many benefits that henna brows offer.

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Get Healthy and Fuller Brows with Our Salon’s Henna

While microblading is a popular brow-filling procedure, Star Threading and Beauty Salon is always looking to step up our cosmetic solutions to provide you with a variety of options to choose from. Our henna brow service is a beneficial, healthy alternative to brow tinting or microblading.

While eyebrow tinting dyes only the brow hair, our henna brows tint the skin underneath as well. Our process begins with a consultation so our aesthetician can understand your goals for your brows. Then, we cleanse your brows to remove oil and dirt, ensuring the dye will adhere to your brow hairs and skin. Next, we apply the dye in a dotting technique similar to powder brows. This application method prevents a boxy look and obtains a more natural-looking result.

Benefits of Our Henna Brows

Are you unfamiliar with henna brow solutions? We have all the answers to your questions about this time-tested technique.

Henna dye tints and stains the skin under your brow hair to give you a fuller, more realistic visual effect. This method of brow enhancement works wonders for those with sparse or over-plucked brows, as it can even encourage eyebrow hair to grow back thicker and fuller. Containing more natural and less harsh substances than conventional inks, henna is ideal for more sensitive skin. Don’t let its sensitive nature fool you, though—henna brows can last up to six weeks, twice as long as regular eyebrow tinting.

Expert Technicians to Give You Exceptional Brows

Our aestheticians are trained and have worked in the trade for years to cultivate the expertise we can provide you. With our attentive and meticulous service, you can rest assured that your brows will turn out exceptionally every time.

We take pride in creating the most realistic results with our henna brows by incorporating strategic details and dimensions that align with your natural features. We excel at selecting colors that suit your complexion best, so get in touch with us today to start with a consultation about your specific needs.

Star Threading and Beauty Salon is Your Go-To Choice for Henna Brows

Star Threading and Beauty Salon’s henna brows can be the solution to your daily morning brow-filling woes. Bid goodbye to the pencils, serums, and waxes, and get the perfect custom brows you’ve been craving at our studio.

Connect with us at (206) 331-6874 to book a consultation with our brow team and make your beauty dreams come true!

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