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Star Threading and Beauty Salon

Star Threading and Beauty Salon is an all-inclusive beauty clinic that provides men and women with a wide variety of sustainable beauty solutions that allow you to wake up looking and feeling your best.

Whatever your goals, we’re the safe, affordable, and experienced professionals you can trust to meet your highest expectations. Our extensive industry training combined with strict adherence to safety protocols means you can expect a clean, welcoming environment where we take our role in protecting your health and well-being seriously.

Connect with us to learn more about the industry-leading techniques our technicians use to create the aesthetics that complement your features, personal style, and desires. Call (206) 331-6874 to reserve an appointment to consult with us now.

Our Wide Range of Beautification Services

As an industry-leading local beauty clinic, we offer a broad range of beauty services that are designed to help you look and feel your best.

Some of our highest-rated services include:

We are highly skilled in every service we provide. By consistently exceeding past clients’ expectations and providing stunning results for them, we know we can make you happy as well. Our clean and hygienic studio utilizes up-to-date equipment and effective techniques. What’s more, we always listen to your concerns and ensure you receive personalized aesthetic services.

By ensuring our clients receive a combination of excellent customer service and even better results, we’re certain you’ll come back for more.

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Star Threading and Beauty Salon: Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic

Whether you already precisely know the brow shape or the hue of your lip shade you’re looking to achieve or you’d like our help selecting the shapes and shades best suited to you, we can help!

Some of our most requested micropigmentation services include:

  • Correcting problematic spots
  • Permanent beauty marks
  • Scar redness reduction
  • Stretch mark correction services
  • And more!

Our experts offer a full range of certified permanent makeup services to serve you better. We look forward to answering any questions you have about our procedures and walking you through the many steps we take to ensure our clinic meets the highest safety standards.

Call us now to book an initial consultation.

Price List

  • Eyebrow threading: $12
  • Upper lip: $8
  • Forehead $5
  • Chin $5
  • Cheeks $5
  • Neck $5
  • Lowerlip $3
  • Sides $10
  • Full face $35
  • Full face+neck $40
  • Basic cleansing $30
  • Fruit facial $45
  • Gold facial $50
  • Diamond facial, pearl facial $60( 1 hour)
  • Henna for hair $35
  • Henna for hands $15 ( depending on design)

(Membership threading)

  • Eyebrow 6 sessions $60
  • Eyebrow +lip $90
  • Eyebrow+lip+chin $100

(Waxing price)

  • Eyebrows waxing $15
  • Upper lip $10
  • Eyebrows+ lip+sides= $30
  • Full face waxing $45
  • Full face+ neck $50

(Combo package)

  • Eyebrow threading+lip+ chin $22
  • Eyebrow + lip+ chin waxing $30
  • Full arms+ underarms + full legs $65

(Body waxing)

  • Underarms $15
  • Full arms $25
  • Full legs $35 ( depending on hair)
  • Stomach $20
  • Half back $20
  • Full back $35
  • Half legs $25
  • Butt wax $25
  • Bikini line $25
  • Bikini wax $45(every 4 to 5 weeks)
  • Brazilian wax $55

  • Eyebrow tinting $15
  • Eyelash tinting $20

Cosmetic Before and Aftercare

You may be curious to know what steps you should take to prepare for an appointment at our cosmetic clinic.

Depending on the service you schedule, we’ll ensure you receive the information you need to prepare for your service correctly. For example, suppose you’re planning on scheduling an electrolysis procedure. In that case, we’ll tell you to avoid sun exposure, avoid other hair removal methods, avoid alcoholic beverages 24 hours before treatment, and ensure that you’re hydrated to reduce the discomfort of electrolysis. Little bits of information like these that we provide our clients give us the upper hand over our competition.

We assure you we will walk you through each step of whatever service you need and explain the process during your initial consultation. We will answer any questions you have for us with clarity and in full detail.

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Star Threading and Beauty Salon is a well-established beauty clinic with a long history of delighted clients. Time and time again, we hear how proud our clients are to show off the talent of our highly skilled and certified beauticians. Allow us to help you look and feel your best!

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